mini belted galloway cattle

Welcome to our Herd!

Miniature Belted Galloways

What's so great about our cute mini cattle?

- dual purpose

- tolerant of harsher climates

- awesome grazers

- great for beef

- good milk producers

- nurturing mamas

- mild tempered

- naturally polled (without horns)

- can be a tax write-off

- fun 4-H projects

- lovable pets


Belted Galloway cattle originated in Scotland; believed to be a result of crossing Black Galloway beef cattle with Dutch Belted (Lakenvelder) dairy cattle and established as its own breed in 1921.  They adapted to living on the rugged, windy upland pastures and moorlands of the South-Western Galloway region.  That winning combination makes these adorable cattle a very hardy, dual purpose breed. 

The only thing that would make them more amazing is a Scottish accent!

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