About Us

I am Regina Dunbar, wife, mama, artist, and entrepreneur. It all started when I married a 3rd generation cowboy... born and raised in the middle of nowhere, diesel mechanic and farmer by day, but ranching is in his blood. Kyle has owned and raised beef cattle for 20+ years.  Nearly 5 years ago, our precocious 3-year-old son Wade, and I were talking about our cows, one thing lead to another and we were looking at mini cow pictures on the internet, thinking, wow, they do exist! Wade and I decided we were gonna own some cute mini cows someday.  Shortly after our baby girl, Keelyn was born, we lost our son in tragic accident. Our lives changed forever in the blink of eye. Our beautiful Keelyn, is 5 years old and quite the little cowgirl. So, here we are today and Farmshoppe Minis is my breeding project for my kids. We chose to raise miniature Belted Galloways, not only for their eye-catching color, but mostly for their docile nature.

Child Smelling Daffodils
Ranching Family